Outcast Super Fat Cat-LCS Float Tube



NOTE:  Outcast Super Fat Cat Float Tubes are severely backordered by the manufacturer. You may still order this product but your order will not be shipped until we receive product.  Our expected date to ship your order is currently between July 20, 2021 and August 25th, 2021.  These dates provided to us by the manufacture are best estimates.  Due to worldwide COVID disruptions to manufacturing and shipping, estimated availability dates can get pushed out due to unforeseen circumstances.

The inflatable seat and backrest in the Super Fat Cat provide the ability to transport the float tube more compactly than the Fat Cat.  The Super Fat Cat offers the same above the water seating position for better visibility and casting distance. The adjustable height stripping apron makes casting and landing fish is easier. 

  • Inflated Size:
    64" x 45"
    Tube Diameter:
    420 pc/1000 PVC
    13 lbs.
    Load Capacity:
    300 lbs.
  • Aire Chambers:
    AireCell Material:
    Seam Construction:
    Valve Type:
    Summit II
    5 years