Power Pro Super8Slick V2

Power Pro

$41.50 - $51.50

Power Pro Super8Slick V2 combines a new 8-end, dense weave construction with a proven Enhanced Body Technology coating process. The resulting braided superline is an excellent choice for use as backing on fly reels when you need the extra capacity or strength that braided line brings to the table.  

Braided backing like Power Pro Super8Slick V2 is very thin and strong.  It is ideal as backing when you need more backing but don't have much room on the reel.  Braided backing is also the ideal choice when fishing super heavy leaders for fish like Giant Trevally and you need the strongest backing available.

Sold in 300 yard spools.

Color is Marine Blue.

Size      Diameter    Mono Equiv Dia
30lb 0.28mm 8lb
50lb 0.36mm 12lb
80lb 0.43mm