Scientific Anglers Backing - Bulk 30 Lb.

Scientific Anglers


Scientific Anglers' 30 Lb. backing is very thin, highly durable and the colors are colorfast. We've been using it for years on everything from steelhead and salmon to tuna and billfish and haven't run into a single inconsistency. 

We offer our backing off of our bulk spools and will professionally load the exact amount you order onto your new reel or onto a plastic spool.

Under Qty, please order the number of yards you need. 

Under Retrieve, please choose "Right Hand" or "Left Hand" if you are purchasing a reel and would like us to load the backing on your new reel.  For example, you should choose "Left Hand" if you hold the reel handle with your left hand when you reel.

If you are not purchasing a reel, or want to put the backing on yourself, choose "No Reel" and your backing will ship on a plastic spool.