Quick Release Chironomid Indicators

Pacific Fly Fishers


This is a must have for chironomid anglers. Quick Release Indicators allow you to fish chironomids with an indicator in deep areas of the lake. Where standard fixed indicators will generally hit the tip of your rod and keep you from reeling in that 25-foot leader, the Quick Release Indicators pop free and slide down your leader when you set the hook on a fish. That way you can reel your leader in as normal, and the indicator simply slides down the leader to the fly. Highly recommended.

Size small is 1/2-inch in diameter and is recommended for wind-free days or anglers with eagle eyes. Medium is the most all-purpose size and is 5/8-inch diameter. Large is a big fella at 3/4-inch diameter and is most useful during windy days where it is hard to see the indicator due to wind chop on the surface.

Sold individually.  The colors of Orange and Pink are only available in size Medium.