Redington Field Kit - Salmon



The Redington Field Kit has just about everything you need to get started fly fishing for steelhead and salmon. Whether you're fishing the Great Lakes rivers, or heading up to Alaska to catch reds or silvers, the Redington Salmon Field Kit will handle the job!

The Redington Field Kit (Salmon) comes with a easy casting, medium-fast action 9' 8wt rod, a Redington Run reel, a RIO Premier Grand fly line, a 9' 20lb RIO Steelhead/Salmon tapered leader, and an appropriate amount of backing.  In addition, all of this come in a sturdy, handsome rod/reel case to protect your equipment and make it easy to carry and travel with.

Redington Salmon Rod Features

  • Easy casting medium-fast action designed for any steelhead or salmon-style flies
  • 9-foot length for optimal performance
  • Durable anodized aluminum reel seat for long-lasting performance

Redington Run Reel Features

  • Lightweight design constructed from durable diecast aluminum
  • Large arbor design for quick line retrieval
  • Powerful carbon drag system that offers smooth stopping power

Premier RIO Grand Fly Line Features

  • Designed to allow anglers to easily turnover all styles of steelhead/salmon flies
  • Features RIO SlickCast, the slickest, most durable line coating on the market
  • Weight forward taper for easy casting

Other Features

  • Pre-rigged with 30lb backing
  • Loop to loop connection for easy rigging
  • Cordura carrying case for keeping your gear safe
  • Backing and fly line pre-loaded onto the reel
  • Lifetime warranty

PFF Recommended Additional Items to Consider

Airflo PolyLeader - 10ft - Salmon/Steelhead - Slow Sink - Use this medium sinking leader to get you flies down to the fish in medium depths.

Airflo PolyLeader - 10ft - Salmon/Steelhead - Extra Super Fast Sinking - Use this very fast sinking leader to get flies down into deeper water.  Use these two PolyLeaders by taking off the leader that comes with the kit and replacing it with one of the two PolyLeaders mentioned here.  This gives you three total options; 1) Floating line, 2) Medium sinking tip, and 3) a very fast sinking tip to cover multiple fishing scenarios with just one rod and line.

RIO Salmon/Steelhead Tippet Spool - 20lb - Use this spool of tippet with the included tapered leader that comes with the kit and also use it with both the PolyLeaders listed above.

Fly Selection - Silver Salmon - Gotta have flies and this selection of flies is perfect for targeting multiple salmon species and winter steelhead.  It is the perfect box for heading to Alaska for silver salmon.