Regal Medallion Pedestal Vise



Regal calls their vises The Bulldog of Bench Vises and that makes pretty good sense to us. Regal vises use a spring loaded jaw that opens up when you squeeze the lever. Let go and your hook is secured in the jaws without any adjustments, even if you're going from size 24 to size 1/0. In fact, we've used the Regal with hooks up to 8/0 and those spring loaded jaws just don't let go. Other features included in this Bronze Medallion Series vise are a 360-degree rotating head, and a heavy and solid bronze base. This is a great vise that is especially well suited to the angler that wants to quickly change from one size hook to a dramatically different hook size without having to make any vise adjustments. Every single employee or guide who works for us uses this vise!