Renzetti Midge Bobbin



Renzetti's Midge Bobbin uses a ruby insert to ensure lasting wear and eliminate thread damage and breakage.  Renzetti's Ruby Tip Bobbins may be the finest bobbins on the market.

The Renzetti Midge Bobbin's unique tapered Teflon protrusion insures maximum thread spool retention and the bobbin’s ruby tip will keep the thread moving smoothly and won’t allow your fly tying thread to cut into the bobbin tube.

The tube length for the Renzetti Midge Bobbin is 2-inches and the diameter is 3/32-inch.

  • Renzetti Midge Bobbin HT 101 Ruby Tip & Teflon Lined.
  • Total length of 4.25-inches.
  • Made in U.S.A.