Renzetti Traveler 2304 Vise - Pedestal Base



The Renzetti Traveler 2304 is the latest addition to the Renzetti Traveler series of vises.  The Renzetti Traveler 2304 incorporates a few changes we really like to the original series vises.  The 2304 features a larger base for a more solid tying platform.  It also has a longer stem for more tying room and comfort, especially when doing techniques like dubbing loops.  The Traveler 2304 also comes with an attached material clip and has a beautiful, black anodized finish.

The Renzetti Traveler 2304 is a terrific vise, especially for the tier that is mostly trout flies, smaller saltwater flies, and everything but the largest saltwater, steelhead and salmon flies.  Renzetti recommends the 2304 for hook sizes from minuscule size 28s up to size 4/0 hooks.

Please order for a right-handed or left-handed tier (if a left-handed tier uses the right-handed version, the adjustment knobs will be on the back side of the vise). Left-handed models may take us an extra 5-8 days to ship.

Renzetti Traveler 2304 Series Cam Vise Pedistal Base - Model C20304 (R/L)