RIO Fluoroflex Strong Tippet



RIO's Fluoroflex Strong tippet material is ultra-strong with high tensile strength and is easier to tie with for solid knots.  RIO Fluoroflex Strong tippet is made from 100% fluorocarbon and features a smooth finish that makes it easier to tie knots that seat snug and tight.  The high breaking strength of Fluoroflex Strong offers a better strength to diameter ratio than past fluorocarbon options.

RIO Fluoroflex Strong Tippet is also available in new half sizes in 4.5X, 5.5X and 6.5X, giving the angler the exact size for each fishing situation.  

30-yard spools with a size labeled elastic band around each spool.

  • Made from100% fluorocarbon
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to tie

    Size Lb Test Diameter
    0X 15.5 lb. 0.011"
    1X 13.3 lb. 0.010"
    2X 11.2 lb. 0.009"
    3X 8.8 lb. 0.008"
    4X 7.3 lb. 0.007"
    4.5X 6.1 lb. 0.0065"
    5X 5.2 lb. 0.006"
    5.5X 4.5 lb. 0.0055"
    6X 3.8 lb. 0.005"
    6.5X 3.1 lb. 0.0045"
    7X 2.6 lb. 0.004"