RIO 15ft InTouch Replacement Tips - Floating



The Rio 15ft InTouch Replacement Floating Tips are 15ft tapered tips. Each tip has a colored-coded, Easy ID welded loop on the rear, and a small, neat welded loop on the front for the fastest of rigging.

Use these RIO 15-foot InTouch Floating Replacement Tips to replace a missing/damaged floating tip from your VersiTip line system or use them to attach to your Skagit heads on your Spey rods. 

For adding them to Skagit heads, as a basic rule, use the 7wt for 350 to 400 grain heads, the 8wt for 400 to 500 grain heads, the 9wt for 500 to 600 grain heads, and the 10wt for 600 to 650 grain heads.

  • Density Compensated
  • Easy ID
  • Front and Back Loops
Line Size
7 wt
8 wt
9 wt
10 wt
Color Tip
15ft 4.6m Float Straw 95gr
15ft 4.6m Float Straw 109gr
15ft 4.6m Float Straw 129gr
15ft 4.6m Float Straw 150gr