Rio InTouch T-14 30ft Coil



Rio T-14 was introduced by Rio as a very fast sinking line material and it quickly became a standard for creating sink-tips for steelhead and salmon. This new InTouch version features a non-stretch core which provides maximum sensitivity and hook setting power.  It also allows the use of heat to create your own loops without damaging the core. 

The T-14 is 14 grains per foot and can easily be cut to make your own sink-tips for single or two-handed applications. The T-14 is ideal for most medium to large sized Spey line applications (such as 500 to 650 grain Skagit heads) and can be useful for creating very fast sinking shooting heads for large single-handed rods. T-14 has an impressive sink rate of 8-9 inches per second. 30 feet per coil. Includes a factory built-in loop on each end.  Color is dark blue.