RIO Level T Welding Tubing



Using this heat shrink tubing and a heat gun, you can now weld your own loops into RIO's InTouch sink tip materials like T-11, T-14, etc.  (Older RIO sink tip material may not work if it has a monofilament core because it will melt the core).

To use the RIO Level T Welding Tubing, make a loop and cover the area that needs to be welded with a generous length of tubing.  Heat the tubing until the sink tip melts together inside the tubing.  Then cut the end of the tubing so you can peel it off, leaving you with a nice clean welded loop.  

The Regular size tubing has an internal diameter of 1/16th of an inch and is ideal for T-11 and smaller, while the Large size tubing has an internal diameter of 3/32nds of an inch and is best suited for T-14 and larger.  Both tubes shrink to approximately 50% of their original diameter when heated.

Also works on Airflo T-8, T-10, and T-14. 

Each pack contains 20 sections of tubing, each section is approximately 6-inches long.