RIO Saltwater Mono Tippet



RIO’S Saltwater Mono is the go-to leader building and tippet material for tarpon, bonefish, permit, and other saltwater species. Rio's Saltwater Mono material has a great strength-to-diameter ratio, ample abrasion resistance, lacks memory and provides incredible knot-ability. Available in 8lb to 60lb, with appropriate diameters for any leader butt section all the way to the class and shock tippet.

  • High knot strength
  • Medium Stiff Nylon

Ideal For

  • The majority of all saltwater species and flies
Lb Test Diameter
8lb 0.010in
10lb 0.012in
12lb 0.014in
16lb 0.016in
20lb 0.018in
25lb 0.020in
30lb 0.022in
40lb 0.024in
50lb 0.027in
60lb 0.030in