RIO Technical Euro Nymph Shorty




The RIO Technical Euro Nymph Shorty is built with the modern day nymph angler in mind. The Technical Euro Nymph Shorty is ultra thin to provide ultra fast hook sets and maximum sensitivity. Built on a monofilament core to produce a stiff and slick line for less sag between the guides which will help you detect those soft bites. The core of the Technical Euro Nymph Shorty extends out from the front of the line to transition smoothly into the leader without any knots to bump through the guides.
  • Ultra-thin, incredibly light line for the utmost in sensitivity
  • Integrated leader for no-knot connection
  • Level, adaptable line that can be cut and tuned to individual preferences
  • Monofilament core for sensitivity and stiffness

Line Size
2 - 5 wt
Sink Rate Line Color Coating
Float Yellow
20ft 34ft