Scientific Anglers Cleaning Pads

Scientific Anglers


Scientific Anglers Cleaning Pads are designed specifically for SA's most popular fly lines which incorporate AST and AST+ coatings.  The SA Cleaning Pads are patented 3M micropolishing pads designed to rid the line of dirt and line contaminants. 

For Scientific Anglers lines incorporating AST or AST+ coatings, it is recommended by SA to only use the cleaning pad and not use any dressing... including their own dressing!  Just use the Cleaning Pads while the fly line is either wet or dry.  Run the line through the pad a few times and get back to your fishing.

Includes two Cleaning Pads per package.

NOTE:  There is a light gray side and a foam, darker gray side to each pad.  The light gray side (opposite the foam side) is the side you're supposed to use for cleaning the fly line.  This is counterintuitive to us, especially considering the foam side is displayed front and center on the packaging.