Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mount



Scotty Side/Deck Mount can be used for attaching a rod holder to a flush surface such as the deck of your boat, or the inside or outside of the gunwale.  

  • The Side/Deck Mount is also used in conjunction with the Scotty Rail Mount Adapter to attach a rod holder to a pontoon boat frame or boat railing that is 1-inch in diameter.
  • For pontoon boats with 1 1/4-inch frames (at the spot on the frame where you wish to install the rod holder), you do not need this product.  Instead, order the Scotty 1 1/4 Inch Rail Mount Bracket.
  • In either scenario above, you will also need to order the Scotty Fly Rod Holder.

TIP:  Some pontoon boat frames use different diameter tubing in different areas.  Measure the diameter of the frame in the area where you want the rod holder to be located to determine which mounting hardware you need.