Scotty Fly Rod Holder



These Scotty Fly Rod Holders mount onto your pontoon boat, frameless pontoon boat, or float tube and securely hold your rods. They are great for anglers that like to take multiple rods out on the water and need a way to store those rods not being used. Each rod holder can be angled and swiveled to keep your rods at any position you choose.

For Pontoon Boats:  This Rod Holder does not come with a mounting bracket.  For mounting the Fly Rod Holder to the frame of your pontoon boat, choose from one of the following, depending on the diameter of the frame on your boat where you wish to mount the rod holder.

You will also need the Combination Side/Deck Mount for your framed pontoon boat installation.

For Float Tubes:  For mounting a Scotty Fly Rod Holder to a float tube, purchase the complete kit here which includes everything you need.

For Frameless Boats and SUPs:  For mounting the Scotty Fly Rod Holder to a frameless pontoon boat, you may also need the Scotty Glue On Pad (if there isn't already a pad installed on the boat) and will need the Combination Side/Deck Mount.

NOTE:  Yes, we agree, this is very confusing!  Call us at 425-742-2402 if we can help with questions.