Scotty Glue On Pad



The Scotty Glue On Pad allows you to add a Scotty Rod Holder, Outcast Frameless Cargo Pocket or Scotty Anchor Lock to any inflatable pontoon boat, kayak, or even a standup paddle board. These Glue-On Pads (also called Frameless Mount Pad by Outcast) come as part of Outcast frameless boats like the Stealth Pro, Clearwater, Scout, etc. and can be installed on these boats without glue.  

To attach the Scotty Glue-On Pad to your boat, use a marine grade glue to glue it at the desired location.  Directions and glue suggestions are on the back of the package.  Then bolt a Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mount or your Scotty Anchor Lock onto the pad.

Once the pad and deck mount are installed, you can attach (and remove when you wish) a Scotty Fly Rod Holder or Scotty Anchor Lock (Combination Side/Deck Mount already included with the Anchor Lock).

Dimensions:  7" x 5"