Stonfo Dubbing Loop Hair Clips



Stonfo's Dubbing Loop Hair Clips are great for holding fly tying materials and placing them into a dubbing loop.  The Stonfo Dubbing Loop Hair Clips are perfect for holding CDC, hackle fibers, or hair in preparation for placing them in the dubbing loop.  Use Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips for applications like placing CDC in a dubbing loop, then wrapping the CDC on the fly to make a collar for patterns like a CDC Prince Nymph. 

Two clips are included in each package.


  • Micro (Mis. 0) - 18mm or about 3/4-inch wide
  • Medium (Mis. 1) - 28mm or about 1 1/8 inches wide.
  • Large (Mis. 2) - 49mm or about 2-inches wide.