Tim's Boatman - Purple

Solitude Fly Co.


At certain times, water boatmen are an important food item in most lakes and a sneaky pattern most anglers aren't fishing. Tim's Boatman in Purple is a great looking water boatman pattern which will certainly surprise a few anglers with its productivity. 

In the spring, water boatman will swim to the surface, leave the water and begin flying through the air to mate. They will then slap down onto the surface of the water in a mad scurry to get back down to the bottom. This is called a "boatman fall" and occurs in the spring and sometimes in autumn too. If you ever see what looks like random rain drops on the surface of the lake, even though it's not raining, change that fly as fast as you can and get ready for some fast action. At least a couple water boatman patterns should be in the fly box of any dedicated stillwater angler.

Size 14 only.