Umpqua Backcountry Leaders



Umpqua's Backcountry Leader is the perfect leader for baby and juvenile tarpon and snook. It is perfect for trips to Belize, Mexico and the Keys.  It features a 0.028" diameter butt with a knotless taper down to a 20 lb. tippet and 24-inches of 40 lb. fluorocarbon shock tippet.

The Backcountry Leader is a clear saltwater leader giving you unsurpassed strength and power in the toughest conditions. They’re made from the strongest most abrasion-resistant material available and feature an extra long, heavy butt section providing more power and accurate turnover in strong winds. Knotless taper except for the knot attaching the shock tippet.  Includes a pre-tied loop on the butt.

One leader per package.  9-feet total length.  Knotless nylon leader tapering to 20-pound tippet with a hand-tied 40-pound fluorocarbon shock tippet.