Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders



Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders feature Umpqua's Trout Taper design for the perfect blend of power and precision for most trout fishing applications.  The Deceiver X Fluorocarbon has a very good strength to diameter ratio for fluorocarbon, meaning you get a stronger leader for the thickness of the leader.  In addition, Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders are excellent for sinking fly situations like nymphing or fishing sink-tips simply because fluorocarbon sinks much better than nylon monofilament leaders.  Finally, fluorocarbon leaders like the Umpqua Deceiver X leaders do a great job of becoming invisible underwater so they are a great choice spooky fish situations like spring creeks, clear lakes, or any clear water scenario.

One leader per package.  Leaders have a Perfection Knot loop already tied on the butt of the leader.

  • Best-In-Class Knot Strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-low visibility
  • Sinks better than nylon monofilament

Ideal For:

  • Nymphing, streamers, subsurface emergers and soft hackles
  • Stealthy subsurface presentations in clear water and finicky fish
  • Fishing with full-sinking or sink-tip fly lines
Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Trout Taper Leader Sizing
Size Fly Size Tippet Dia. Pound Test
2X 4 - 8
.009" 11.0 lb
3X 6 - 12
.008" 8.5 lb
4X 10 - 16
.007" 7.0 lb
5X 14 - 20 .006" 5.0 lb