Airflo Superflo Universel Taper



Airflo's SuperFlo Universal Taper fly line is a great do it all fly line. The head length ranges from 37 feet to 40 feet long with a long rear taper that allows the caster to carry more line in the air outside of the actual head length. Offered in line sizes 3wt through 9wt, there is a line to cover most freshwater species, from bluegill to king salmon.

Airflo SuperFlo lines are made with polyurethane instead of PVC like most fly lines.  Polyurethane has some true advantages.  First, it is more environmentally friendly than PVC.  Second, it isn't affected by UV light and things like DEET in insect repellents.  This means the Airflo SuperFlo lines tend to have great longevity for many years of hard use.

Like the majority of floating fly lines on the market, the Airflo Superflo Universal Taper fly line runs about one-half a line size heavy, so it is great on medium-fast to fast action rods. It is accurate out to distance and excels at a wide range of fishing applications. 

  • Product Use: All round Freshwater
  • Line Size: WF3-9
  • Color: Lichen Green
  • Density: High Float
  • Core Material: Low Stretch Power Core
  • Coating: Superflo
  • Loop Type: Micro Loop Both Ends
  • Optimum Temperature Range: 23 to 78f

Line Size
Color 30' Head/
Sink Rate Total Length
Lichen/Green 110gr 37ft Float 82ft
Lichen/Green 130gr 38ft Float 90ft
Lichen/Green 150gr 39ft Float 90ft
Lichen/Green 173gr 39ft Float 90ft
Lichen/Green 198gr 40ft Float 90ft
Lichen/Green 225gr 40ft Float 90ft
Lichen/Green 260gr 40ft Float 90ft