Alec Jackson Covert Nymph Hook



Alec Jackson Covert Nymph Hooks are the hook of choice for many diehard chironomid lake anglers.  The Crystal finish is a nickel finish which was designed by Alec for mirroring the surrounding of the fly to make it less visible to the fish.  With a slight bend on the shank and made with 2X heavy wire, Alec Jackson Covert Nymph Hooks are certainly great for chironomid pupa but also just about any nymph pattern.

Alec Jackson Covert Nymph Hooks come in odd numbered sizes.  Years ago, when Alec was still with us and had visited us at the shop, we asked, "Why the odd sizes?".  Alec quickly replied, "Because nobody else does it".  He was a universally admired angler and man in our local community.

Alec Jackson Covert Nymph Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • Crystal Finish (Nickel Silver)
  • 2X - Long, Curved shank.
  • 2X - Heavy wire.
  • Down Eye, Mini Barb, Needle Point, Chemically Sharpened.
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Uses: Chironomid pupa, Nymphs.