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Anglers Image Magnum Ultra-Thin Fly Box - 60 Slits

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Anglers Image Magnum Ultra-Thin Fly Box - 60 Slits

These magnum-sized thin boxes were an instant hit at our store.  The 60-Slit size is great for big flies like trout streamers, steelhead and salmon flies, large nymphs, and all but the largest dry flies.

These boxes are a highly efficient way to carry tons of flies.  Each box is 12-inches by 8.75-inches but just under 1-inch wide.  They are great for anglers fishing out of a boat when you can keep these boxes nicely filed into a tackle bag or for keeping your "master supply" of flies organized at home.


Molded from nearly indestructible ultra-clear plastic.

Dimensions - 12 x 8 3/4 x 1 inches