Anglers Image Medium Ultra-Thin Fly Box

Anglers Image


These Ultra-Thin fly boxes are super thin at only 1/2-inch thick.  They fit in a shirt pocket or stack a few of them in your chest pack.  The thin design of this box makes it ideal for small to medium sized nymphs and other wet flies.  (The boxes are so thin they can crush your dry flies so they aren't ideal for dry flies unless they are very small dries or around size 18 or smaller). 

The slit foam design of this box has 120 slits for up to 120 flies.  The slits hold your flies very securely and they rarely fall out yet are quick and easy to insert into the foam.  The slit design means your box will look good as new for years to come since the hooks don't tear up the foam like on traditional fly boxes.

Dimensions are 5" x 3 7/8" x 1/2".