Anglers Image Ultra-Thin Slit Foam Fly Box

Anglers Image


Need a great nymph box that holds lots of flies but doesn't take up a lot of room?  The Anglers Image Ultra Thin Slit Foam Fly Box is just the ticket.  With slits for up to 168 flies, this fly box holds lots of flies but is only 1/2-inch thick.  Get a few of them and get your mayfly nymphs in one, your caddis pupa/larva in another and your midge/chironomids in a third.  Super popular at the shop!

(The boxes are so thin they aren't great for dry flies.  Since they are so thin, they can crush all but the smallest dry flies). 

Dimensions are 7 3/8 x 3 7/8 x 1/2".