Trout Rivers - R.L. Winston Air 2 Premium Rod & Reel Outfit

R.L. Winston


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Life is just too short to not have a killer setup for trout. Our Trout Rivers - R.L. Winston Air 2 Premium rod & reel Outfit that we have put together is exactly that. One of the finest fly rods on the market teamed with one of the finest, smoothest, most dependable reels around, and lined-up with one of our staff's favorite trout lines, this outfit is a sure-fire winner for anglers looking for the best of the best, and a rod and reel outfit that was put together by professionals that do this every day.

Winston's flagship rod series that was designed to tackle any trout fishing scenario. Winston Air 2  fly rods are beautiful casting, fast action rods with power and finesse. We think Winston nailed it with the Air 2. These beautiful looking rods cast like a dream. The Winston Air 2 5wt is a great all around trout rod, and is one of our staffs favorite rods on the rod rack at the shop. The Air 2 does it all exceptionally well. From a 25 foot cast with a size 18 BWO, to a 90 foot bomb with a streamer, to double nymph rigs.  

We paired the R.L. Winston Air 2 rod with the newly revised Ross San Miguel 4-5 reel. Classic aesthetics and modern performance are what you get with the Ross San Miguel. Over two decades since it first launched, the classic is back and better than ever. With a powerful carbon/stainless sealed drag, a canvas micarta handle that improves grip when its wet and the classic looks of the ever popular San Miguel, this reel is sure to please even the most picky of trout anglers. It has a large arbor for fast retrieval and reduced line memory. It has  feel and smoothness that is unrivaled.  The 4-5 San Miguel pairs up great and looks amazing on the Winston Pure 5wt.

We are line geeks here at PFF and continuously try different lines on different rods... and the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Smooth is the best line for the Air 2 in our opinion. The taper of the infinity feels great on the Air 2 from short casts to 90' bombs. The SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity is one of our best selling lines at the shop, and for good reason. The exceptional durability and slickness of this line is something that doesn't go unnoticed. It is also a very versatile fly line, that literally does everything. It has enough mass to turnover large streamers and heavy nymph rigs with indicators, and has a nice front taper that presents dry flies softly. The long rear taper of the Infinity also aids in making long casts and mending the line at distance.

This package is completed with a 3 pack of SA Absolute Trout 9' 4X leaders already rigged onto the line so you are ready to tie a fly on and fish when your package arrives.

Trout beware!

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Items included in this package

  • Winston Pure Fly Rods
  • R.L. Winston Air 2 590-4

    Winston Air 2 rods posses the newest technology in graphite from Winston, and still uses their Boron technology for incredible strength and smooth power. These fast action rods load deep into the butt section of the rod, and recover extremely fast. Aiding in tight, accurate, head wind defying casts. The Air 2 surely has "the Winston Feel". Beautiful Figured Box Elder wood inserts with up-locking nickel silver hardware add to the beauty of these rods. All Winston Rods come with a Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock, and are handcrafted in Twin Bridges Montana. More info.

  • Ross San Miguel Fly Reels
  • Ross San Miguel 4-5 Reel

    We've chose the Ross San Miguel for this premium outfit because we simply love this reel and think it's the perfect companion for the Winston Air 2 5wt. It's got classic looks and modern performance, but this isn't your grandpa's San Miguel! It has a micarta handle that improves grip even when it gets wet. It has a solid sealed drag system. A large arbor for fast line pickup and low line memory. This is an excellent trout fishing reel.   More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line
  • Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Floating Fly Line - WF-5

    The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Floating Fly Line is the best selling fly line out of SA's Amplitude Smooth line-up, and one of our favorite lines. The Infinity is a well rounded taper that will handle anything. Small dries, heavy nymph rigs and indicators, to large streamers, the Infinity has no limits.   More info.

  • Rio Powerflex Trout Leader
  • SA Absolute Trout Leaders 9' 4X 3pk.

    The R.L. Winston Air 2 Premium Rod and Reel Outfit will come with a 3 pack of Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout leaders in 9 foot 4X, with one attached to the fly line ready to go. With a premium outfit, you should have some premium leaders to go with it. Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leaders have a 29% higher wet knot strength than previous Scientific Anglers leaders and claim to be 40% stronger wet knot strength than their competitors.  More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Backing
  • Backing

    Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Albright Knot with a lock then sealed with glue to connect your backing to your running line.