Daiichi 1110 Dry Fly Hook



Daiichi 1110 fly tying hooks feature a straight eye and are popular among tiers for parachute style dry flies.  The Daiichi 1110 features an oversized eye, which is helpful for tying-on small flies.  Daiichi 1110 hooks also feature a 1X Fine wire, wide gape, and mini barb for an all-around great dry fly hook.

Daiichi 1110 Dry Fly Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • Oversized, Straight Eye.
  • 1X - Fine Wire.
  • Perfect Bend, Wide Gape, Mini Barb, Bronze.
  • Uses: Dry Flies, Parachute Dry Flies, Emergers.
  • Tiemco Equivalent:  TMC 101