Daiichi 1120 Scud Hook


$6.95 - $8.25

Daiichi 1120 fly tying hooks are a continuous bend, scud style hook in a 2X Heavy wire.  The heavier wire of the Daiichi 1120 hooks make them a good choice for helping to sink the fly and for large fish on small hooks.  Flies commonly tied on a hook style like the Daiichi 1120 include scuds, caddis larva and pupa, San Juan Worms, chironomids, egg flies, and even mayfly nymphs.

For a lighter wire version, see the Daiichi 1130 hooks.

Daiichi 1120 Scud Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • 1X - Short Shank.
  • 2X - Heavy Wire.
  • Continuous Bend, Wide Gape, Down Eye, Bronze.
  • Uses: Scuds, eggs, caddis larva/pupa, chironomids, nymphs, worms.
  • Tiemco Equivalent:  TMC 2457