Daiichi 1130 Scud Hook



Daiichi 1130 fly tying hooks are a continuous bend, scud style hook in a 1X Fine wire.  The Daiichi 1130 hooks are commonly used for surface emerger caddis, midge or mayfly patterns as well as scuds, egg flies, and chironomids.

For a heavier wire version, see the Daiichi 1120 hooks.

Daiichi 1130 Scud/Emerger Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • 1X - Short Shank.
  • 1X - Fine Wire.
  • Continuous Bend, Wide Gape, Down Eye, Forged, Bronze.
  • Uses: Scuds, Shrimp, Emergers, Midge Pupa.
  • Tiemco Equivalent:  TMC 2487