Daiichi 1170 Dry Fly Hook



Daiichi 1170 fly tying hooks are Daiichi's all-purpose dry fly hook for traditional style dry flies in medium to large sizes.  The Daiichi 1170 hooks feature a standard shank length and wire.  They are ideal for all kinds of traditional dry flies like the Adams, parachute dry flies, the Elk Hair Caddis, Wulffs, etc.

For smaller sizes, see the Daiichi 1100 Dry Fly Hooks.

Daiichi 1170 Dry Fly Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • Standard Shank.
  • Standard Wire.
  • Round Bend, Down Eye, Forged, Bronze.
  • Uses: Traditional Dry Flies.
  • Comparable Tiemco:  TMC 100