Daiichi 1260 Curved Hook



Daiichi 1260 fly tying hooks feature a 2X Long, curved shank and standard wire.  The Daiichi 1260 style of hooks are used for all kinds of flies but would be most appropriate for larger dry flies, nymphs and leeches.  Popular flies that use a Daiichi 1260 style of hook include various hopper and stonefly dry flies, as well as long-bodied nymphs and streamers.

Daiichi 1260 Curved Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • 2X - Long, Curved shank.
  • Standard Wire
  • Round Bend, Straight Eye, Forged Bronze.
  • Uses: Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers.
  • Comparable Tiemco:  TMC 2312