Daiichi 1560 Nymph Hook



Daiichi 1560 fly tying hooks are an ideal all-purpose nymph hook.  Featuring a 1X Long shank and 1X Heavy wire, the Daiichi 1560 is perfect for traditional nymphs like the Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Zug Bug, and so on.  They are also good for wet flies and soft hackles where a slightly longer body is desired.

Daiichi 1560 Curved Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • 1X Long Shank.
  • 1X - Heavy wire.
  • Sproat Bend, Down Eye, Bronze.
  • Uses: Nymphs, Wet Flies.
  • Tiemco Comparible Hook:  TMC 3761