Daiichi 1760 Nymph Hook



Daiichi 1760 fly tying hooks are an excellent hook choice for chironomids and all kinds of nymphs.  The 2X Long, curved shank makes very realistic nymphs and is the perfect shape for chironomid pupa.  The 2X Heavy hook wire aids in sinking the fly and is ideal for big, chironomid-eating trout when hooked on small flies.

Daiichi 1760 Nymph Hooks

  • 25 per package.  
  • 2X - Long, Curved shank.
  • 2X - Heavy wire.
  • Round Bend, Down Eye, Forged Bronze.
  • Uses: Chironomid pupa, Nymphs.
  • Tiemco Equivalent:  TMC 2302