Daiichi 2141 Straight-Eye Salmon Hook


$6.75 - $7.25

The Daiichi 2141 Straight-Eye Salmon Hooks is a versatile hook for salmon and steelhead flies.  The Daiichi 2141 is a beautiful hook on Muddler and Matuka style steelhead flies and is our hook of choice for salmon patterns like the Hare Ball Leech.  Tie heavy dumbbell eyes on the Daiichi 2141 and the hook fishes with the point up for a great hook-up ratio and fewer snags when fishing sink-tips.  The tapered return wire on the eye of these hooks reduces line strain at the knot and is a pleasure to tie on.

Daiichi 2141 Straight-Eye Salmon Hooks

  • 10 per package.
  • 1x heavy wire.
  • Straight eye.
  • Limerick bend, tapered loop, black.
  • Uses: salmon and steelhead flies.