G. Loomis NRX+ Saltwater Fly Rods

G Loomis


G. Loomis NRX + Saltwater rods cover the core lineup of saltwater rods. These rods will cover everything from bonefish to GT's, with six rod models in the lineup. NRX+S rods boast high line, tight loop stability, and insane accuracy, whether it's a short quick shot or a 90 foot bomb! These are really fast action rods with a saltwater taper, but they certainly do not lack that "feel". You can feel these rods load as your casting, and feel the rod unload as the line fires out of the guides. Compared to some other rods out there, the NRX+S recovers so fast, eliminating a lot of that tip wobble that you will see in less expensive rods. What does that mean? Less tip wobble means faster line speed, tighter, more aerodynamic loops, and better accuracy.    

These are serious saltwater sticks! If you are a dedicated saltwater angler, or you have a trip of a lifetime coming up and you're looking for the best, then we would strongly suggest taking a look at the G. Loomis NRX+S. The 7wt is going to be great for smaller bonefish, or when there's little to no wind on the flat and the fish are being extra spooky. For an all around bonefish rod, consider the 8wt or even the 9wt to really help cut through the wind. Especially when making longer casts. The 10wt is the perfect rod for mid size tarpon, roosterfish, redfish, and jacks. For the 11wt and 12wt, think about giant tarpon, GT's, and sailfish. And although these are saltwater rods, they aren't limited to tropical fisheries, or just saltwater, they could certainly have many uses in freshwater as well. Here in the PNW you could certainly use these for salmon in the salt, lingcod, rockfish, or even halibut. And these would also be great rods for smallmouth bass, golden dorado, and the list goes on!

  • Recoil snake guides
  • Titanium SiC stripper guides
  • Full wells, AAA grade cork grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat with fighting butt
  • Aluminum rod tube with cloth rod bag
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington

    Here is What G. Loomis has to say about their NRX + Saltwater Rods

    Despite best-laid plans, conditions in saltwater environments can slide sideways in a split second. Walloping wind and cloud cover pack the potential to hinder the performance of even the most experienced tropical fly angler. When favor’s stacked in nature’s corner, level the playing field with fishing tools forged to conquer these, and other common variables. With a primary focus of maximizing versatility, these adaptable actions improve angler capability and expand tactical opportunity in difficult fishing situations. Rolled with our most advanced compound taper construction to date, NRX+ S provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from modern fast-action rods, without compromising “feel” and finesse for short shots when clouds turn the light down. This means, regardless of casting distance or difficulty, NRX+ empowers anglers with confidence-boosting control in less-than-ideal situations.


    Model Number: Rod Length: Line Weight: Handle:
    9' 7 wt A
    9' 8 wt A
    9' 9 wt A
    9' 10 wt B
    9' 11 wt B
    9' 12 wt B