Gamakatsu G-Box - Duo Side 250



Gamakatsu's G-Box 250 Duo Side is a small storage box with adjustable compartment dividers on one side and slit foam on the other.  The Gamakatsu G250DS opens easily and closes securely and doesn't come open when dropped. The adjustable dividers allow the compartment sizes to be customized for perfect fit and the dividers fit tight so tackle stays in place and doesn't wander into other compartments. The slit foam side is ideal for larger flies like streamers or stonefly nymphs while the compartment side is perfect for dry flies, beads, smaller nymphs, etc.  Rounded corners on the G-Box 250DS make it easy to get into and out of tackle bags or a pack.  Comes with 9 dividers for up to a total of 12 compartments. 

Gamakatsu G250DS Duo SIde: Size 7" x 4.2" x 1.6"