Gamakatsu Worm Hook



The Gamakatsu Worm Hook is a classic style hook for Texas rigging plastic worms but we use it for tying bass and pike flies when you want a big fly without all the weight of many of the big saltwater fly tying hooks on the market.  The Gamakatsu Worm Hook is great on large baitfish streamers, deer hair poppers, and even weighted bottom-dragging crayfish patterns.  Tie them BIG and still have some hook gap left for solid hook sets.  Works great with monofilament weed guards.

The Gamakatsu Worm Hook has two barbs on the hook shank behind the eye.  For fly tying, just pinch those barbs down before you start your thread wraps so they don't cut the thread while tying.

Nickel black finish.  6 hooks per pack in size 2/0.  5 hooks per package for 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes.