R.L. Winston Saltwater Air Rods

R.L. Winston


Winston Freshwater Air fly rods are medium-fast action fly rods with classic Winston feel and a smoothness that just makes you want to go trout fishing.  Winston Freshwater Air rods are very lightweight and have great "in-hand appeal" due to the use of advanced carbon fiber and Winston's new SuperSilica resin system.   

Winston Saltwater Air fly rods are powerhouse, fast-action fly rods that are ready for tight loops, wind, and long casts.  Winston Saltwater Air rods will be well received by anglers with faster, more aggressive casting strokes and fishing conditions which require longer casts and even casting heavy, shooting head style lines. 

With more power in the tip and mid-sections of the rod, Winston Saltwater Air fly rods are at home in saltwater fishing conditions and provide the line speed and fish fighting power expected of a versatile saltwater rod.  Saltwater Air rods in the 6wt or 7wt sizes would also be a great rod for fishing big streamers or full-sinking lines for trout and bass.

Here is what Winston has to say about their Saltwater Air fly rods:

The Winston Saltwater AIR – lightweight saltwater rods with Winston Boron III technology that are easy to cast. The new Saltwater AIR series is very light and allows for unprecedented fast recovery, for any length of cast.

Combining our proprietary SuperSilica lightweight resin system and Boron III material with modern progressive tapers, Winston Saltwater AIR rods deliver the celebrated Winston “feel”, along with balanced, fast graphite recovery rates, for incredible line speed and presentation, making them our most versatile rods in saltwater environments. What this means for anglers is faster mid-sections to dictate line control and easily manage windy conditions along with Boron III technology applied in the butt section for more lifting strength to fight and land fish quickly.

  • Advanced carbon fiber combined with our SuperSilica lightweight resin system to improve toughness and durability
  • A new light and fast big game rod series with extra power cast after cast, without fatigue
  • Quick recovery with Winston Progressive Action
  • New stealth matte Winston Green finish for flats stalking
  • Smaller guides hold the line closer to the rod shaft to give better control through the cast and presentation.
  • Boron III technology for increased fighting/lifting power and added energy
  • Winston Original Owner Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
Line: Length: Grip:
6wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
7wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
8wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
9wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
10wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
11wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt
12wt 9' 0" Full Wells W/ Fighting Butt