RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leaders 9ft



The 9-foot RIO Steelhead and Salmon Leader is a good all-purpose leader for floating lines and for guys fishing nymphs on single-handed rods. RIO's Steelhead and Salmon Leaders are perfectly designed for anadromous species such as steelhead and all types of salmon. Its glacial green color and non-glare finish disappear in all water conditions. Its knotless taper has a thicker butt section and uses a slightly stiffer co-polymer for turning over larger flies. This is also a highly abrasion-resistant leader.
The recommended tippet for RIO's Steelhead/Salmon Leaders is RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet.

  • Medium-stiff material for turning over large flies
  • long butt section and taper for great turnover
  • Maximum strength and abrasion resistance

Ideal For

  • Steelhead
  • Salmon
  • Streamers
  • Spey
RIO's Salmon / Steelhead Leader Sizing
Lb Test Diameter
20 lb. 0.017"
16 lb. 0.015"
12 lb. 0.014"
10 lb. 0.012"