Simms Dry Creek Duffel


$229.95 - $299.95

The Simms Dry Creek Duffel is the perfect duffel for keeping gear dry in boats and any wet conditions.  This lightweight, very durable bag can hold fishing gear, extra clothing, camera gear, etc.  The roll-top design keeps a water tight seal. Unlike many boat bags or travel bags which are ridged, the suppleness of this bag allows it to conform to boat storage boxes and generally take up less space when not packed all the way full.

Here is what Simms is saying about there Dry Creek Duffels:

If reaching your destination includes pickup trucks, float planes or open boats, not to mention sweat equity, you need to be prepared to adapt. Our Dry Creek® Duffel is built to keep your gear dry and easy to haul to any destination. It's soft-sided, waterproof and includes strap attachments for lashing on rod tubes or securing to a raft or drift boat. It's lined with padding to help protect your gear and has adjustable handles for carry options.

  • Rugged bottom keeps the bag open while upright for easy loading
  • Roll-top closure with TSA-friendly zipper access
  • Large grab handles for side, over the shoulder and backpack carry options
  • Roll-up strap retainer reduces line catch on all exterior adjustment straps
  • Small

    Approx. Weight
    39 oz
    60 L, 3661 cu. in.
    Dimensions L x H x D
    21" x 20" x 10"(rolled closed)
  • Medium

    Approx. Weight
    49.4 oz
    155 L, 9459 cu. in.
    Dimensions L x H x D
    30" x 22" x 13"(rolled closed)
  • Large

    Approx. Weight
    56.4 oz
    200 L, 12205 cu. in.
    Dimensions L x H x D
    34” x 28” x 14”(rolled closed)