Umpqua Perform X Power Taper Leaders



Umpqua Perform X Power Taper Leaders are nylon leaders with a long, powerful butt section and short, aggressive taper to turn over heavy flies, cast into the wind, and handle multi-fly rigs with ease.  Umpqua Perform X Power Taper Leaders make a world of difference when casting big flies like double stonefly nymph dropper rigs.  With an excellent breaking strength to diameter ratio, Perform X Power Taper Leaders also have the strength to hold onto that big fish and get it to the net.  

One leader per package.  Leaders have a Perfection Knot loop already tied on the butt of the leader.

  • Core  Co-Polymer Nylon - Perfect balance of strength and suppleness
  • Coating 1  Hydrophobic Coat - Acts as a water barrier to minimize water absorption
  • Coating 2  Continuous Coat - Produces a smooth, consistent, reliable material

Ideal For:

  • Big, air-resistant dry flies, heavy nymphs, large streamers, and multi-fly rigs
  • Casting into wind
  • Beginning casters looking for help turning leaders over
Umpquas Perform X Power Taper Leader Sizing
Size Fly Size Tippet Dia. Pound Test
2X 4 - 8
.009" 11.0 lb
3X 6 - 12
.008" 9.0 lb
4X 10 - 16
.007" 7.0 lb
5X 14 - 20 .006" 5.5 lb