Umpqua Ultimate Boat Box



The Ultimate Boat Box from Umpqua is, well, the ultimate boat box! This fly box is just the right size for a big trip, like going to the Bahamas and loading up with Tarpon flies, or going to the Bighole in Montana during the peak of hopper season when you need a ton of big bugs! If your traveling or fishing with your buddies, this box has the ability to be locked to keep your friends from stealing all of your good flies! The Ultimate Boat Box has durable slit foam on the inside of the box, as well as on the outside of the box on one side, which gives you the ability to have flies outside the box for grabbing on the go, as well as drying out your flies, especially salt water flies before you put them away so they won't rust in your box! Umpqua's Ultimate Boat Box is a great box for the traveling angler, guides, or as a dedicated "mothership" for your flies, big or small.

  • Color:  Sage
  • Weight:  1lb 9oz
  • Dimensions:  13” x 10” x 3.5”