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R.L. Winston


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We've paired the Winston Boron lll TH Microspey with a stunning Hardy 1939 Heritage Bougle fly reel. This is a premium rod and reel outfit for serious Trout Spey enthusiasts. We've packaged this outfit with a Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit. The reel will come fully loaded with backing, and we've also included a RIO MOW Tip Kit as well as a RIO Steelhead/Salmon 6' Leader

Pacific Fly Fishers is the closest fly shop to the famous Skagit, Skykomish and Stillaguamish rivers. We know Switch and Spey rods, lines and reels better than most fly shops because we use them all year long. We guarantee that your new Spey outfit is professionally selected and professionally rigged when it reaches your door. Put a fly on your leader and you'll be ready to fish with these completely packaged outfits. No more guessing and buying the wrong line sizes. We've taken all the guess work out of the equation.

If you would like to customize your package with a different line, different reel, etc, please let us know. We are happy to make substitutions and will adjust the price accordingly. Email, call, or indicate your substitution preferences in the comment box when placing your order online.

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Items included in this package

  • Winston Boron III Microspey
  • R.L. Winston Boron III TH Microspey Rods

    The Winston Boron lll TH Microspey series of rods are absolutely stunning. These Rods are fast action rods built with Winston's Boron lll technology. These rods load deep, providing the caster a rod that is truly effortless to cast, yet they have incredibly fast recovery and produce high line speed. The 4wt will do it all and is the ultimate all around trout spey rod. Tie on any fly in your box on the 4wt, from soft hackles to good sized streamers and everything in between.  More info

  • Hardy Bougle Spey Fly Fishing Reels 4"
  • Hardy 1939 Heritage Bougle 3 3/4"Reel

    The Hardy 1939 Heritage Bougle reel made in Alnwick England is a beautiful spey reel that balances great on these Microspey's. The 1939 Bougle is a click pawl reel with a sweet sounding wide ranging click check system. We are offering the 3 3/4" 1939 Bougle Heritage reel on both the 4wt and 5wt. They have a wide spool which allows for a ton of backing and line capacity, come with a very nice soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch, and balance perfectly on the Boron lll Microspey rods. The Hardy 1939 Heritage Bougle reels are beautiful, sound great, and are perfect for trout and steelhead.  More info.

  • Airflo Rage Compact Spey Head, Line
  • Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit 

    We've packaged the Winston Boron lll TH Microspey's with the Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit which is a perfect match for these rods. We have fished these rods a lot with the SA Spey Lite and we think it is absolutely perfect on these rods. These lines are very easy to cast and are capable of throwing some good sized sink tips and some pretty large streamers. Being that the head is integrated into the running line, it makes it a very versitile line that turns your Microspey into a not only a perfect little swinging rod but a great fishing tool. Without a loop to loop connection from the head to the running line, it makes stripping steamers a lot smoother. It also mends a lot nicer if you want dead drift and twitch some large stonefly dries or even do a little high stick nymphing with your two hander.   More info.

  • RIO MOW Tip Kits

    Included in the Winston Boron lll TH Microspey premium spey outfit is a RIO MOW tip kit that includes 6 different tips, from floating to 12.5' sink tips in T-8. These sink tip kits are great because there's a tip in there for every situation. They come nicely organized in a RIO leader wallet that easily fits in most wading jacket pockets so you're always ready for any situation on the river.  More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Backing

    Scientific Anglers' backing is very thin, highly durable and the colors are colorfast. We've been using it for years on everything from trout to billfish and haven't run into a single inconsistency. Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Albright Knot with a lock then sealed with glue to connect your backing to your running line. We generally choose a backing color that contrasts your other lines. Let us know if you would prefer a certain color option for your backing. The choices are yellow, orange or white. More info.

  • RIO Steelhead & Salmon Leader - 6-foot

    RIO's Steelhead and Salmon Leaders are perfectly designed for anadromous species such as steelhead and salmon yet they make a perfect leader for turning over large streamers. Its clear, non-glare finish disappears in all water conditions. Its knotless taper has a thicker butt section and uses a slightly stiffer copolymer for abrasion-resistance and for turning over larger flies. The leader already comes with a perfection knot on the butt of the leader and will come in the package already attached to a sink-tip on your reel. Just add fly and go fishing! More info.

Choose from the following models

Winston Boron III TH Microspey 4110-4 with Hardy 1939 Bougle Heritage 3 3/4" Reel

The 4wt Winston Boron III Microspey is the ideal weight rod for a trout Spey rod. The 4wt has the versatility to go from swinging big sculpins to skating big dries with just the switch of a tip. For us here in Washington State this is the perfect trout Spey setup for rivers like the Yakima, the Methow, and the Sol Duc. But if you know a river that has trout in it there's no doubt this rod will be perfect for swinging trout flies there too! 

  • Rod: Winston Boron lll Microspey 4110-4 -- 11'0" 4wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Hardy 1939 Heritage Bougle 3 3/4"
  • Line: Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit -- 330 grain
  • Tips: RIO MOW Tip Kit - Light
  • Leader: RIO Sal/Steel 6ft 10 lb. Leader
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 20 lb. Yellow Backing
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $2137.93
  • Special Package Price: $1599.00