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Skykomish June 28, 2010

Fished the Skykomish on 6/28/2010 with my buddy from S.Cal, Steve. Steve and I worked together at Sport Chalet in the Fishing Department when we were in college down in the L.A. area. Steve was raised down there and is proof that just because you’re from S. Cal, you can still be a great fly fisherman. During our day on the water, I was reminded of how spectacular it is just to watch him cast.

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June 20th 2010, Upper Sky River

After hours of trying finally dredge one up on the second pass.

Fishing on the upper sky has been great. We have had lots of bent rods, plenty of swings and misses. Much like the Mariners lineup we cant seem to score but we can get to the plate.

Between lost cameras and plenty of lost fish this will be a summer to remember. Biggest problem of the year so far and a little tip for those coming out for the first time or just getting into it. Please if your making the transfer from trout fishing to steelheading, never assume you will be playing these fish with the strip. The reason we have these nice big reels with lots of stopping power is so we can play these fish on them. Do yourselves a huge favor if you have yet to catch one of these beautiful fish, let the line go and play it on the reel. We have lost 6 fish because of that this year so I thought I would mention it because it looks like its not just a one time deal.

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June 7th 2010, Marcel's Steelhead

Marcel drags one from the dark water in the second spot we stopped

Another good day on the upper Sky, we were able to miss a few fish and land one nice one for the fish box.

The river has been up a dirty for a little while now, but anybody who knows me, knows that I wont be deterred by those conditions. The flies of choice for these kinds of water conditions are big and burly. Light lines and big flies end up for some good early river fishing. Bennett’s Steelhead Exasperator is one of the favorite patterns for this type of water conditions.

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